Country information: Albania

General information

Primary legislation:
Law No.107/2015, dated 1.1.2015 "On Electronic Identification and Trusted Services"(Updated), Law no. 9880/2008, dated 25.2.2008, "On Electronic Signature" (Updated), Law no.10273, dated 29.4.2010 "For the Electronic Document" (Updated)
Primary legislation (link):
Primary legislation (english translation):
Secondary legislation:
DoCM No.69, dated 27.1.2016, "On the approval of the regulation "On electronic identification and trusted services", DoCM No. 495, dated 13.9.2017 "On approval of rules to benefit Electronic Public Services", DoCM No. 357, dated 24.4.2013 "On approval of regulation "On Electronic Document Management in the Republic of Albania", DoCM No. 503, dated 13.5.2009, "On approval of tariffs for services provided by National Authority For Electronic Certification" (Updated)
Secondary legislation (link):
Secondary legislation (english translation):
Obligatory technical documents:
Instruction no.1: For the documentation of the registration of qualified trust service providers, Instruction no.2: On the documentation of the registration of conformity assessment bodies, Instruction no.3: For general terms, Instruction no.4: On procedures for electronic identification and electronic stamps(updated)
Obligatory technical documents (link):
Obligatory technical documents (english translation):

Body responsible for supervision (Art. 17 of Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014)

Autoriteti Kombëtar për Certifikimin Elektronik dhe Sigurinë Kibernetike
National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security
"Papa Gjon Pali II" Street, No. 3, The First Floor, Tirana, Albania
Tel: +355 4 22 21039
Fax: +355 4222 7040
Member of FESA: yes
Associate member of FESA: no