Public documents

The following documents have been published by FESA:

Position Paper on the review of the eIDAS Regulation, 2020-03-04

FESA Statute as of 2016-07-01

Letter of FESA to the European Commission regarding possible improvements of Directive 1999/93/EC, 2011-08-08

Server based signature services, 2005-10-27 (outdated)

Cross-border supervision of certification service providers, 2005-02-18

Working paper on qualified certificates for automatically signing systems', 2004-10-12

Working paper on 'advanced electronic signatures', 2004-10-12

Working paper on changes regarding certification-service-providers, 2004-10-12

Working paper about 'verification of the identity', 2004-02-03

Important topics for the review of Directive 1999/93/EC from the supervisory autorities' point of view, 2003-06-30

Working paper about 'to the public' and closed systems, 2003-04-07

Working paper about 'established in ist territory', 2003-03-07